Friday, May 9, 2008

Absolute Freedom On A Road That Leads South

Heading to West Africa and willing to know more about Morocco, to learn more about it, to explore it, we hit the road along the Atlantic Ocean, traversing all the Western Sahara.

In south of Agadir, few hundred kilometers before steping in the Western Sahara, we came across a camel herd . Each camel had a name and this one was called Timbuktu. And as we were heading down south to Timbuktu in northern Mali. We considered this moment as a positive sign from life.
Tan-Tan, the door of Sahara, welcomes its visiters in a unique way: two camel statues in its entrance.

Just in the middle of nowhere, out of Tantan, we found a Korean restaurant.
Restaurant Korea House.

Tan-Tan Beach ending a summer day.
After one night in Tan-Tan, we kept heading south. All we could see is the long road under, the yellow desert around and the blue sky above.
Crossing 318 Km and passing by Terfaya, we reached Laayoune; the reddish orange city.
We spent a morning long talking about the history of Western Sahara and Laayoune with the priet of this church from th Spanish presence in Morocco.

Mr. José, we enjoyed a lot talking to him and hearing from him specially that all his words were in Spanish.

We left Laayoune to enjoy a huge fish dish in Boujdour whose beach is just as vast as imagination might be.

Just 343 Km from Dakhla but 1740 Km from Dakar, we keep our aim in the head and the wheels on the road.

Still on the road enjoying the flickering yellow ground that encounters the sky.

Here we are driving our last 40 km to Dakhla; a presque-isle, our last city stop before leaving Morocco.

When the desert sand and the beach sand caress each other.

Another beautiful face of Dakhla.

The desert is behind and the ocean is ahead.

In the enterance of Dakhla, the last taxies station from where people go to Mauritania.

On our way to Mauritania, Any try to step out of the road would have been destroying.
Unspoted mines in hundred miles of the Werstern Saharian land.

The journey through Western Sahara ends and we cross the borders to step in another world.

After crossing 1 110Km along the Atlantic coast of the Western Sahara, we kept being on the road and heading down south.

Here we are in the kingdom of sand where the ground doesn't mean anything but sand.

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drake said...

Camels,dunes of sand, dark haired princesses, now that seems to be directly taken from some magical arabian movie ^^

nice photos ^^