Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to Tunisia : End of March in Tunis

Back to Tunisia and to Tunis again. Within 5 years the city grew up a bit, some of its aspects changed some of its parts became more beautiful. but people remain alike, with same habits and same lifestyle. The trip to Tunisia wasn't just to go and see how Tunisia changed but to see how it changed in my eyes.

Although I love taking the road, driving to Tunisia would have taken ages.

Tunis!!! I'm back again.
A Tunisian street in a full of life moment.
Handicraft is part of the Tunisian art and traditions.

Here I am talking to a Tunisian eagle. He enjoys looking at me and chatting with me.

A big harbor where different kind of boats can be found.

Carthage a standing city since the old Romans existence in Tunisia.

The Tunisian city life.
Ibn Khaldun left the life but didn't leave the minds.

A standing clock in the middle of principal boulevard. Telling people time but making them conscious and in a hurry.
Tunis by night.

Watching the Atlas mountains from above while flying back home.


Cayetano González said...

Great pictures, by the way i chose europe... keep on posting. regards from Spain.

siham said...

je ne peux pas m'en passer d'avouer que j'admire cette sensibilité chez toi qui se manifeste dans tes mots, photos...et qui me familiarise personnellement avec des nouvels espaces que je n'ai jamais visités, et me redonne une nouvelle vision à des espaces que je connaissais déjà..