Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Essaouira : Gnaoua and world music festival; june 2008

Essaouira, the city of winds, called us for another musical date of 4 days of rythems; for the Gnaoua and world music festival.
Essaouira, a gorgeous coastal cities, is always the generous breast for the sea gulls.

So long, Essaouira!!! Since last January.

The fishing port of Essaouira; the harbor of the fishing ships and boats.

Blue fishing boats wearing the color of Essaouira.

The meeting of the fishing ships and boats under the Mogador sky.

The fish market where different fresh fish are sold; Tune, Swordfish, Rays, Anchovy, Sardines...

...And from the fish market I bought my fish...

Through The Medina Squere, I headed to a restaurant where they fry fish.

While waiting for my fish, I enjoyed playing with a cat from Essaouira and to which I gave the name "Mich-Mich" and with which shared my meal.
I love you Mich-Mich but I probably will never see you again.

The cats of Esaouira are having a nap.

In Essaouira, there are also camels not only cats.

The Gnaoua and World Music Festival lasted for 4 days,offering great moments of music, rythems and melodies, we just spent out time, sunbathing in the morning and start dancing from the afternoon to the dawn, we didn't know what sleep was like in those days. the festival.

Great artists came, different styles of music were preformed, we enjoyed all the Gnaoua nights and the world music concert.

There was also one of the my favorite singer : KY-MANI MARLEY, the son of BOB MARLEY. He preformed very well. The winds of Essaouira decided that I met him, we had a nice conversation and took some pictures. Thus everybody around there wanted to take a picture. He is an amazing guy.
When we first stopped at this place it was empty, just before taking the first picture, flux of poeple were coming from everywhere, everybody wanted to see Kymani Marley, to take picture with Kymani Marley. There were too many voices, too many folk talking, too many cameras flashing but he kept smiling.
The Atlantic Ocean caressing Essaouira.

Essaouira, you are so beautiful.

Mogador! See you soon !!!