Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still Standing Since 12 Centuries

Summer was one month old and Rabat was advising me to go away, but circumstances exaggerated the trip to be short and just around here. Still it was a precious occasion to get cured from the breathless moments of hard work for my graduation.
I took the bus to cross 200Kms to a very familiar place; a 12 century old city, Fez

The old part of Fez from above;
The Medina of Fez is the most complete medieval city still in existence

The vast Muslim cemetery; a huge number of gathering graves

Bombing weapons witnessing the hectic history of Fez

I started wandering in the Medina's small and narrow alleys.
Some of them were so dark and gloomy that light had to be turned on day and night.

Since century, life in Medina continues to bustle with a bewildering throng of people, from olive-dealers, handicrafts and artisans to industrious merchants and traditional bell-ringing water-sellers.
The traditional and the most useful means of transportation and carrying good in the alleys of the Medina is still carefully preserved. ( Poor Sweet Donkey).
The old big carpet house is the storehouse of a large number of very colorful carpets of different style and made of traditional techniques.
I couldn't miss watching men working in the tannery. They the leather in the tanning and dying vats. The smell was quite strong was results were amazing.
In the tannery, all animal's wool was useful and the skin didn't go as a wasted. Skins were used for other uses.
From an alley to another, I came across the biggest mosque in fez and the twine of the Kairouan; the most important mosque in Tunisia.
Curious to visit inside, I had to wear a long black Djellaba. As it is forbidden to step inside with usual non-religious dress.

Another dark alley, but with a curious mind in the end of it.

Once the night wake up, The doors of Fez's Medina start shining.Oh yeah! the horse in doing good...

Fez main street enjoying the night.
The Fezi sky. In Fez, I could be a mother for 2 long hours. How sweet!!!

Being in Fez area, I couldn't skip going to the farm.
Mssoud welcomed me a very nice cheering face.
He finds the hand tasty.
I was just trying to figure out is the rabbits sleep really with open eyes, but the rabbit was damn scared :(

Mssoud and his mom Fatiha
I never knew that I was good at milking cows!

After satisfying my crow milk hungry, I took the road back home.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Essaouira : Gnaoua and world music festival; june 2008

Essaouira, the city of winds, called us for another musical date of 4 days of rythems; for the Gnaoua and world music festival.
Essaouira, a gorgeous coastal cities, is always the generous breast for the sea gulls.

So long, Essaouira!!! Since last January.

The fishing port of Essaouira; the harbor of the fishing ships and boats.

Blue fishing boats wearing the color of Essaouira.

The meeting of the fishing ships and boats under the Mogador sky.

The fish market where different fresh fish are sold; Tune, Swordfish, Rays, Anchovy, Sardines...

...And from the fish market I bought my fish...

Through The Medina Squere, I headed to a restaurant where they fry fish.

While waiting for my fish, I enjoyed playing with a cat from Essaouira and to which I gave the name "Mich-Mich" and with which shared my meal.
I love you Mich-Mich but I probably will never see you again.

The cats of Esaouira are having a nap.

In Essaouira, there are also camels not only cats.

The Gnaoua and World Music Festival lasted for 4 days,offering great moments of music, rythems and melodies, we just spent out time, sunbathing in the morning and start dancing from the afternoon to the dawn, we didn't know what sleep was like in those days. the festival.

Great artists came, different styles of music were preformed, we enjoyed all the Gnaoua nights and the world music concert.

There was also one of the my favorite singer : KY-MANI MARLEY, the son of BOB MARLEY. He preformed very well. The winds of Essaouira decided that I met him, we had a nice conversation and took some pictures. Thus everybody around there wanted to take a picture. He is an amazing guy.
When we first stopped at this place it was empty, just before taking the first picture, flux of poeple were coming from everywhere, everybody wanted to see Kymani Marley, to take picture with Kymani Marley. There were too many voices, too many folk talking, too many cameras flashing but he kept smiling.
The Atlantic Ocean caressing Essaouira.

Essaouira, you are so beautiful.

Mogador! See you soon !!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chefchaouen The Blue Heaven : 3rd week of April.

In spring 2008, the destiny finally decided for me to put the foot in Chefchaouen ; this laid back and pretty place which make you believe that the paradise is blue.

The Blue Heaven.

The streets in the small old medina have been painted glorious shades of blue which contrasts wonderfully with the mountain backdrop.
Chefchaouen a typical example of the blue Andalusian architecture.

After strolling past the blue street and the colorful shops we go to a nice restaurant in the town square in front of the Kasbah; where we watch people walking, observe the Chaoueni life and drink our "Moroccan whiskey... mint tea".

We didn't miss visiting the museum of the Kasbah where some aspects of the Moroccan history are expressed.
Hiking the Rif Mountains and standing on the top of a holy mount, Chefchaouen appears a peaceful dove sitting in a green nest.

The Kasbash in the midst of Chefchaouen surrounded by a set of gathering houses.

The easiest part of our trailer to the peak.
The sunset behind the Rif mountains.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chefchaouen is calling : 2nd week of May

Since I left Chefchaouen, 3 weeks ago, it didn't stop calling and I found myself taking the road again to be there.

Chefchaouen! Here I am back.

Running away from the city life to encounter nature.
The more I hike mountains the more I feel how beautiful they are and how powerful their existence is.

Today is my day and my mountain is waiting.

From the top of the mountain, you can't see the mountain.

Hiking and following the watercourse to wherever it is taking us.

Terrified... mortified... petrified... stupefied... sheep.

After an hour of hiking we finally find this small waterfall.

Beauty has got an image.

Back to the city life and to the daily consciousness.
Sitting, drinking tea and watching people walking.

And enjoying Moroccan music preformed in a very traditional way.