Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chefchaouen The Blue Heaven : 3rd week of April.

In spring 2008, the destiny finally decided for me to put the foot in Chefchaouen ; this laid back and pretty place which make you believe that the paradise is blue.

The Blue Heaven.

The streets in the small old medina have been painted glorious shades of blue which contrasts wonderfully with the mountain backdrop.
Chefchaouen a typical example of the blue Andalusian architecture.

After strolling past the blue street and the colorful shops we go to a nice restaurant in the town square in front of the Kasbah; where we watch people walking, observe the Chaoueni life and drink our "Moroccan whiskey... mint tea".

We didn't miss visiting the museum of the Kasbah where some aspects of the Moroccan history are expressed.
Hiking the Rif Mountains and standing on the top of a holy mount, Chefchaouen appears a peaceful dove sitting in a green nest.

The Kasbash in the midst of Chefchaouen surrounded by a set of gathering houses.

The easiest part of our trailer to the peak.
The sunset behind the Rif mountains.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chefchaouen is calling : 2nd week of May

Since I left Chefchaouen, 3 weeks ago, it didn't stop calling and I found myself taking the road again to be there.

Chefchaouen! Here I am back.

Running away from the city life to encounter nature.
The more I hike mountains the more I feel how beautiful they are and how powerful their existence is.

Today is my day and my mountain is waiting.

From the top of the mountain, you can't see the mountain.

Hiking and following the watercourse to wherever it is taking us.

Terrified... mortified... petrified... stupefied... sheep.

After an hour of hiking we finally find this small waterfall.

Beauty has got an image.

Back to the city life and to the daily consciousness.
Sitting, drinking tea and watching people walking.

And enjoying Moroccan music preformed in a very traditional way.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taza : Begining of May

So long, Taza! Since October 2007. Let's see how you changed from autumn to spring!
Taza is the place where the Rif Mountains encounter the Atlas Mountains, the city is nice but what is surrounding is definitely more beautiful.
Seeking to encounter elements of nature I hurry to villages.

Countryside of Taza in a spring day.

Big Boy and Hope are playing in the watercourse.

That's us: Me, Big Boy and Hope. I haven't seen them since October, I missed them
What are you looking for in my shoes?

A valley leading to village.
A house in the village.
A villager on his mule and with a smile on his face.

A trail leading to the top of the mountain.

The sunset behind the trees of the Village ; Admam.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tetouan : Mid-April

294 Km of night driving to watch the sunrise in Tetouan; a Mediterranean city situated in the midst of greenery.

Tetouan is waking up quietly under a misty dawn.

After a sleepless night a short nap on the grass seems useful.

A Spanish church in the heart of Tetouan.

The square Hassan II is where the old and the modern parts of Tetouan converge and on where the royal palace is opening its doors.
Tetouan seen from the top a hill.

Back to Tunisia : End of March in Tunis

Back to Tunisia and to Tunis again. Within 5 years the city grew up a bit, some of its aspects changed some of its parts became more beautiful. but people remain alike, with same habits and same lifestyle. The trip to Tunisia wasn't just to go and see how Tunisia changed but to see how it changed in my eyes.

Although I love taking the road, driving to Tunisia would have taken ages.

Tunis!!! I'm back again.
A Tunisian street in a full of life moment.
Handicraft is part of the Tunisian art and traditions.

Here I am talking to a Tunisian eagle. He enjoys looking at me and chatting with me.

A big harbor where different kind of boats can be found.

Carthage a standing city since the old Romans existence in Tunisia.

The Tunisian city life.
Ibn Khaldun left the life but didn't leave the minds.

A standing clock in the middle of principal boulevard. Telling people time but making them conscious and in a hurry.
Tunis by night.

Watching the Atlas mountains from above while flying back home.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Caves of Hercules : 26-28 Feb in Tangier

This time the road took me to Tangier; the door of Africa. Just 278KM from Rabat and you can stand in the place where
the Mediterranean Sea merges with the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caves of Hercules, a natural door to the sea from the underground, tell about a legendary past which that Hercules used to reside in these caves.

The caves from inside.

The sea and its lovers.

Freedom is just another word of having nothing left to lose.