Sunday, May 18, 2008

Skiing Trip and Visiting Volubilis: Febuary in Meknes, Moulay Drissi, Volubilis, Azrou, Michlifin and then Fez.

My next destination is just 138Km from Rabat : Meknes ,an imperial city, from where I headed north to Moulay Driss; The Saint City where the grave of the Moroccan kingdom's founder (Drissi the 1st) is found.

Just 9 km from Meknes and I put my 1st step in this city.
Just 3km from Moulay Drissi, Volubilis lays with its aged rocks and still standing pillars.

Just walking around the remains of this city, stepping on its rocks, strolling in its alleys takes you centuries back in the history.
After a night sleep in Meknes It was time to think about going skiing
The next stop was Azrou. With its European kind houses, Azrou has its roots in the middle Atlas mountains.
The Atlas Berber Art.
In 30min of driving, snow started to appear. Less than an hours we arrived to this spot where everybody is trying to enjoy skiing, some were skilled, others were falling down every time they try to stand correctly.
Far away from being good at skiing, I play it safe :D
Hiking with the skiing shoes was hard but not impossible.Standing, smelling the snow feeds my desire to be in Alaska or Siberia.
After a nice long day of skiing we left the snow and let it melt quietly.I didn't miss the occasion of being not so far from my parents' farm to go there to enjoy the fresh smell of life over there and the sunset behind the holly mountain.

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De bien belles photos tout au long de ton blog.

On voit ceux qui profite de la vie~