Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caves Of Friouato : October in Taza

While exploring the Moroccan nature and its elements. The second biggest cave is Africa; Cave of Friouato shouldn't be skipped. The desire to see how the cave of Friouato is like, how enormous and impressive it is, drove me to Taza; an easter city.

Taza; the place where the Rif mountains converge the Atlas mountains. Taza is a nice city but the cave sounded more exciting.

Just the look at the entrance of the cave of Friouato gives the impression of how enormous it is.
the cave Friouato is a dark house with one window.
There are 520 steps down to the bottom. All nice safe concrete ones, and some with handrail. Each step is about 37 cm.
The cave continues, going from one large chamber to another. Each one is profusely decorated with enormous stalagmites and stalactites.
We enjoyed stepping on the muddy soil and watching the naturally decorated inside.
Nature has got thousands faces.
The magic walls.
The impressive roof.
The glowing rocks.
Great going down but tiring coming up!
Stepping out of a magic experience of walking for 2 hours on muddy soil and uneasy trail, the Atlas mountains welcomed me to light with a shinny smile.
The place where the Atlas mountains converge the Rif mountains.
Standing there and watching the laying Rif mountains behind the atlas ones.
Our hiking and comping spot.Our camping fire.
Apple pie is a good dinner when being in the heart of nature.Hope is waking up quietly and enjoying the fresh smell of life in a soft morning.
From hiking to biking.
This was my companion for 40 Km from the mountains to the center to Taza. The road we biked to Taza and which is 40 km.
We didn't miss to stop and watch Taza from above.
The medina of Taza and its streets enjoying the silence of the night.

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