Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Once upon a time, 7 months ago or so...

In a summer morning, just when the clock pointed at my preferred number. I took my backpack and locked my house. I went on a short walk, counting my steps and whispering to my soul until I reached the vehicle. 3 seats in the front and a house in the back with a smooth large bed, a tall clothes case, a washbasin, a mini fridge and a stove.

Bibi; the wheeled house which sometimes seems to have a soul. Perhaps, because of our profound love for it or because of the harmony in which Aurel communicates with it.

Driving our wheeled-house, we headed north to a large gathering of blue houses: Chechaouen.

Our familiarity with the place and our love to nature took us up to the mountains where we had a luxurious starry night. "Cinq étoiles sous les étoiles"

Desiring for some sunbathing on the beach, we headed north, somewhere between Tatouan and Ceuta. All we could see was an impenetrable wall of buildings between the road and the sea while we didn't stop repeating " We want a deserted beach!"

Either luck was not our friend this time or it wasn't the right place to find to a deserted beach. Hazardously, we ended up parking in front a beautiful coastal house and auspiciously, we were invited for a drink then for a short sojourn.

The Mediterranean sunrise from Josefine's house.

The view from the bathroom.

The stairs from the house leading to the water.

Our huge swimming pool where we enjoyed swimming, diving and sunbathing.

Welcoming a new day.

The small garden at the entrance of the house where we usually had breakfast.

Smelling the flowers or trying to steal food?

So, I went to check which smelled stronger; the food or the flowers!

Happy, were we at Josefine's house

Josefine was happy to see us but surprised to be in front of the camera.

Enjoying a meal with the presence of Josefine.

While the cat seemed to be enjoying his nap after a beer.

El Negrito, he used to sleep next me but his name changed to "El kakato" after he came stinking strongly one of those nights. Though, I loved him

El Negrita, 14 years old, was feeding El Negrito and his sister Princessa.

El Rubia, She was lovely but naturally became aggressive after bearing her 6 puppies.
In Tatouan, Aurel and I enjoyed the company of Josefina and Gabriel.

Josefina, I do miss her.

After the lovely few days at Josefine's, we hit the road eastwards, eating the miles along the Mediterranean sea.

Penetrating the Rif mountains, rising higher than the sea and watching it from above.

Josefine's delicious meals are over and it's again the time of developing my cooking skills. Well, I tended to be creative ^_^

Bibi was wishing for a washing session but this time was not the case.

She is living a whole different lifestyle but which is at least her own.

Our following stop was in village where life was moving in a different rhythm from its surrounding. There we met some amazing people. There were not from the area but who made it their pilgrimage.
With them, we drunk tea, ate biscuits and played music.

Meditatively preparing his weed.
Does the boat prefer the warmth of the ground and the company of the tree or is it just old enough to go on the sea?

Well, it seemed an easy hiking in the beginning!!!
Aurel made it to the top of the rocks.
It was not a crazy cliff jumping, after all.
The kids of the village playing soccer.

A lonely heart.

Le Grand Bleu.

Doing the necessary shopping before going the road again.

Here we stopped to buy some cheap ice cream. Though, it was delicious.
Suddenly, we found ourselves driving on a trail. We thought it was short and we would reach the tarred road soon. Following our illusions, we end up driving 15miles/h for the whole afternoon to cross 60 miles.
The moon rose while we were still hoping to find an escape to the highway. But the no escape offered us a lighting night under a glowing moon.
Seeing the Algerian flags behind the Moroccan-Algerian frontiers, was a sign of moving southward.
Following the south, took us away from the big blue; the Mediterranean.
Few days later we headed west pursuing the Atlantic ocean's smell.

On the road leading west, we stopped at Taza to camp some few days.

The Tazian sky.
Society has found its way even in remote lands.

What might be more beautiful in the world of nonhuman than the freedom of a creature!

Was Aurel doing his daily exercises or posing for the picture ?

I think I was going for a walk in the wood to enjoy the silence or maybe to find a toilet.

To break the night darkness and to get some warmth, we made a big candle. Just for us :-)
Eventually, it did warm us up.

He blew at the candle and has almost flown it off.

The eastern part of Morocco seemed to enjoy its continental weather. We also enjoyed it but not for so long.
Far from Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, we found a new swimming pool: a water reservoir in the west of fez.

Drought was the place's historian.

A stop was privileged to admire that natural painting.

And I took the position of the painter and I interpolated myself in the painting.

Bibi's window turned to be a useful mirror.

Meditatively, I lost my soul.

Sweetly crucified by his thoughts.

And the trip ended as the day has gone.
Back to big city life.